PC Vs Mac (Open discussion)

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Posted: 4/2/2013
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Ok, there is a lot of this around the forum (usually in unhelpful places), so I thought why not use a topic as a proper place to discuss the benefits and (I guess) downsides to each platform :-@.

Personally, I use both, but see the Apple devices as being somewhat overpriced, so use cheaper Macs for those things I feel I need to use a mac with, but generally use a PC for my power computing and main workload. I also prefer the idea of building my own machine and knowing exactly what parts are in it. Having said that, some of my Apple devices are sooo cool design wise, I can't say I don't love them 8-).

It seems to me, that the more vocal on such things tend to go 'one way, or the other', and there seems to be a general 'camp' attitude towards these things (in which the other camp is the enemy), which in itself is an interesting social phenomena. I wonder, does everyone feel like that (either a Mac or a PC sort of thing, like the adverts)? Or do others use both, or use one, but not dislike the other etc?

Please respond (whether Mac or PC or neither) with your thoughts (hopefully light heartedly), ideally only one post each stating benefits and drawbacks as you see them of both. I would be interested to hear the thoughts of those who are less vocal as well (so if there are as expected arguments on the topic, just ignore them and post away anyway :-P).

(ps. I wonder if this is a bad idea.... ;-))

Posted: 4/2/2013
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Quote :
poor users are moaned at for their system

Mac users are not poor. That is unless they spent all their money on their Mac. ;-)

Posted: 4/5/2013
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I own a blazingly fast imac, 27 inch screen with 3.4 intel processor and 3TB hard drive as well as 8GB RAM. the machine is cool, the screen is elegant and the inner workings are amazing. I have an vmware and windows XP, Vista and windows 8 evaluation all running in addition to Ubuntu. The mac monsters them all. In fact the connection is even seamless such that you can launch a windows app from the applications folder just by clicking it. The mac will launch VMware, launch the windows version where the software was installed and launch the program! I love Mac and I love windows. My previous computers were all windows and I built my last one, while the one before that had so many parts removed and upgraded by me-that is one of the beauties of the PC. Unfortunately PCs are not robust enough to play with other systems. The PCs hang or say something else like...unable to find...blablahblah! I like and use both, but I must say the new interface for Windows 8 is a turn off. XP was and remains the best windows yet!

Posted: 5/23/2013
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Wow, that's like asking which kid you like best!! :-@

Posted: 11/3/2013
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I will always chose windows over Mac. Here is an interesting quiz about your knowledge of Mac and Windows http://www.quizmaniac.net/play/176
no need to choose

Posted: 12/3/2013
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I love both Windows and Mac and therefore have them both on the same machine. Parallels with Coherence. No need to choose!