VirtualBox vs. Parallels

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Posted: 3/20/2013
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VirtualBox does so much more than Parallels. Not to mention... it's free!!!

Also you can copy your VirtualBox image to a thumbdrive and run it from any computer PC/Linux or Mac.

You can even get VirtualBox Portable that runs right from the thumbdrive. It's work. I've tested it.

My desktop runs apps from Pc/Mac/Linx/Android seemlessly.

Parallels Desktop for Mac OS X = $79.99

VirtualBlox = Free

VirtualBox is the winner!!!
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Posted: 11/12/2013
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Quote no free lunch:

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vbox looks like crap for real work

...and you get what you pay for.

It's just a Mac thing. Virtual box flies on my Quadcore.

Sorry that Mac let you down again...

parallels is nice but...

Posted: 12/4/2015
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Quote Use Parallels, be happy:

Oracle's VirtualBox has lots of serious bugs -

Folks, you get what you pay for. Parallels is proven, supported, and is #1 in the category. Just adminit it, use it, and be happy!

Yes, parallels is better in some respects. Depending on WHAT you need it for. Parallels makes it very very easy to integrate with your mac. Virtualbox makes it a bit harder, but im sure it can be done. Im going with virtual box because I need to have windows, but I do NOT use windows often so I really don't need the integration that parallels provides. if I do, I will buy parallels.