Artisteer on Mac Problem Solved!!!

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Posted: 4/11/2013
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Sorry that is not better.

No menu bar means no menu bar applets. That really sucks.

I can take my VirtualBox Image and run it on any Mac/Linux/Wndows or Adroid.

Can you do that? Can you run your entire OS from a thumb drive? Or can you only run it from a Mac.

Doesn't sound better to me...


Posted: 4/11/2013
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Quote John:

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Posted: 5/3/2013
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Not really a solution for the more designy, non-technical people. Moreover, pricy!!! I don't think anyone wants to pay any of the $80 to $400 for a spare OS to run one program in a VM, not to mention, you'd get better performance and stability out of BootCamping it. Assuming you have a copy of doze just laying around with a valid licence.

Posted: 5/5/2013
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Sure, that's true, and there is an app on the Mac store ( called CrossOver that lets you run windows apps without running windows it seems... (I was going to try it but only got as far as 'you need .Net framework 3 and couldn't be bothered to go further... seemed to be working ok though and was cetainly able to run .exe/.msi files). I guess that is bootcamping then or something (more of a PC user than mac...)?

When I first posted it though, MS had a deal on that gave you Windows 8 for just 25 notes (which has to be a bargain!)!

Just to say though, it isn't just about Artisteer. There are many programmes that I would use generally, and far less options on the Mac (although there are good options and some programmes I prefer to use on Mac, mostly my work is in the PC programmes), having access to Windows programmes in some way or another seems to me to be essential really.

Posted: 12/20/2013
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How do i import my existing web to artisteer 4.?

Posted: 12/21/2013
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Quote James:

Now even Mac users can use the latest version of Artisteer without the wait! ;-)

VirtualBox for Mac OS X. Within VirtualBox Windows 7 is running.

VirtualBox Download Link For Mac Users:

Artisteer on Mac Problem Solved!!!

what's the use when there is no 4.2 version with responsive design????
Artisteer Team

Posted: 12/22/2013
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Artisteer 4.2 supports responsive design. Please see the feature overview here: