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Posted: 3/5/2013
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I have a slideshow in the body of my html website but it is moving too fast.

Any idea on how to make the time between transisitons longer?

I have tried to mofify the 'speed' and 'pause' variables in script.js but without any effect.

I'm using ver

Thank you

Posted: 3/26/2013
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Impressive company - great shots. I'm having the same problem but from within Artisteer it appears you can change the speed in the header, but not in the content. BTW if that's so, you can create your slideshow in Artisteer and then adjust the speed - you shouldn't need to sub that out.

One more thing - you've got a few misspellings on your site and one on one of the slides.

Tracking wildlife slide - you spelled "extremely" "extremly"
The On Expedition slide "other" should be "others"
The font on "Industry Tracker" on the front page is larger that the other headings
You misspelled "extremely" again on the Trackers page -

No offense intended, is English your second language? The grammar is sometimes nonsensical to an English speaking person