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Posted: 3/2/2013
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Hi everyone,

Just to let all know of the best tech support that I receive from WPML of any programs / plugins in over 30 years of computing (ya, I almost old...) so this is a update of the current status of WPML for Wordpress 3.5.1

Just to recap the procedure for anybody interested in displaying Flags (without names) in either the Header or the Menu Bar:

1. With a FTP software (FilleZilla, CoffeeCup, FireFTP…), open your Web site and go to:

2. Open the FUNCTIONS.PHP file of your theme and add the following code at the bottom of the file:

function language_selector_flags(){
$languages = icl_get_languages('skip_missing=0&orderby=code');
foreach($languages as $l){
if(!$l['active']) echo '<a href="'.$l['url'].'">';
echo ' * img src="'.$l['country_flag_url'].'" height="12" alt="'.$l['language_code'].'" width="18" />';
if(!$l['active']) echo '</a>';
(REPLACE the " * " character (after the first echo ') with the " < " bracket)

3. Install the following plugin: LINKABLE TITLE HTML AND PHP WIDGET BY PEPLAMB (normal Wordpress install procedure)

4. Open Wordpress Widget section

5. Find the LINKABLE TITLE HTML AND PHP WIDGET and slide it over to:

6. The Header Widget Area (this will put the Flags in the upper left corner of the Header)


7. The First Navigation Widget Area (this will put the Flags unto the left side of the Menu Bar)

8. And add the following code :
*div id="flags_language_selector">*?php language_selector_flags(); ?></div>
(REPLACE the " * " character in the line above with the " < " bracket)

Now everything is set.

The only question I have is that in the WPML/Languages/Language Switcher Options Menu there are two options that should be doing exactly what the procedure above is doing but they do not seem to work.

Those options are:

Display the language switcher in the WP Menu

If these controls could be activated for Artisteer Template it would make using WPML much more user friendly.

Please advise us of any upcoming update.


This is the answer I received the next day :

WPML 2.7 is coming!

Posted: 01 Mar 2013 05:00 PM PST

Yesterday we did a trial update for WPML 2.7 on our own site. Overall, I’m very happy with the results.’s response time was cut by about 50% (x2 faster) and some functionality that we’ve been long waiting for is finally working smoothly.

However, a little bug related to RSS feed filtering caused Feedburner to send a bunch of news emails in all languages.

So, we’re going to spend Monday fixing these issues, retest and then we can release.

The new WPML release will bring:

Much improved performance (both in the WP admin and in public pages)
Much greater robustness to the menu sync functionality
Support for Google-compliant language codes in translation links
A bunch of warnings and notices fixed

I’ll write again, with full details when it clears QA and ready to ship.

Have a great weekend, and again, sorry for all these French and Chinese emails that we sent you.


Talk about great service.

Ducktape :-)