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Christoffer Geijer

Posted: 1/22/2013
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Its been said many times before and I ask again:

Can you please give us a rough prediction for when we can expect an Artisteer 4 release for MacOS:

a) Never
b) Not until long... (half a year at least...)
c) Eventually... ( a couple of month, perhaps...)
d) Soon... (...we're talking a month or so...")
e) Imminent (...the release is just around the corner...)

Don't you think that all loyal, paying Mac OS-users deserve such guidance? (I do!)

Posted: 1/28/2013
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I am similarly interested when a Mac update will be up.

I'm also a little curious to know if this is just ported to Mac, or does it get native coding. Between the Mac vs PC current versions, mac version is sluggish compared. I know because my laptop, a MacBook Pro, and my PC have somewhat similar specs. And I keep it on both, for fixing small things if I'm traveling. I could understand the delay if it's getting extra attention, or more "native" coding or something. :*)