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Posted: 1/10/2013
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i would like to create a page with an arbitrary pane structure. i thought adding rows/columns/cells would translate to panes. unfortunately that is not correct.

i created a single page and added a row whose style was split with uneven weighting to the 2 "cells" or whatever the subunits were.

when i applied the artisteer skin to my website, the skin showed at least the following panes:
sidebar1, Banner1

i did not create the panes explicitly. is it possible to create or even view the panes which will be part of the page? can they be named so that dnn identifies them with my name?

when i created a skin with 3 pages, dnn saw 3 pages but god only knows what they were. the names i used were no where to be found. so it was hunt and peck.

if the answer is to open files for manual editing, i think visual studio would be much simpler in the long run.

dnn 7 - artisteer 4.1b

Posted: 1/24/2013
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What I do here:
1. Open Artisteer, choose layout & columns... View the Typography styling... set Background... sheet... header... menu...blocks.
Then Preview in IE (under the File Menu)
Then upload to server.
After uploading, set it as the skin for one of your Admiin-Only pages.
Goto Mode: Layout ... which is up top on the admin bar on the right side. THIS will show you where the "places" are.

The only real adjustment is when you set the Column widths to hard pixels vs % ...but then that too causes a situation where if you had a module in the User4 'place' , it will now have only the width that you specified in the column width setting.



Posted: 4/4/2013
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Using Artisteer for creating pages for DNN could seem like "a bad idea", my advice would be to create all content thru DNN and not in Artisteer, that way u r ensured that ur content will be and act like expected.

Besides its just as easy to create the content in DNN as it is in Artisteer and in DNN u'll have instant preview option as well.