Scripts Not Displaying nbeither in Artisteer or out

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Posted: 1/6/2013
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I was previosuly working on Mac version 3.1 but as we are far from seeing a 4.0 (not mentioning 4.1) release I switch to a Windows

Problem now is that the scrips I was using (Jotform and Addthis) are not displaying neither in Artisteer or online...

As an example, please visit

You'll see that the scrip loads at the beginning and then strangely it disappears (BTW some strange "home" and "Accomodations" buttons now display at the end of the page ?!?

Thanks for your help

Posted: 1/6/2013
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trying editing the source code

right click Edit source html

replace the <p> and </p> tags surrounding your script with

<div> and </div>

See if that helps.

Posted: 1/11/2013
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Tic Tac, still no feedback from support... anybody help?

Posted: 1/13/2013
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Hi Kris,

This is a good question...

>> The first reply I would do is that I have never managed to install something like Wordpress easily (on my computer and then with my Host. I know sounds stupid but I have not taken much time to do it...

>> I have not spent much time as I have no plan to update it frekently once this is done and therefore Static is good enough for me

Any help on the scripts now ?