is Artisteer 4 ready for Drupal 8 ?

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Posted: 3/3/2015
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drupal 8 RC is now really close... can you please support drupal 8 now?!

Posted: 9/21/2015
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Still waiting for response from Artisteer support.
Artisteer Team

Posted: 11/30/2015
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Sorry for the delay.
We do have plans to support Drupal 8 in the future but unfortunately we do not have any time frames as the structure of the new Drupal version is different and that will require some time after we finish the more priority tasks.
Please follow the news.

Best regards,
Negrescu Daniel

Posted: 1/19/2016
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Still no news about compatibility with Drupal 8????
Mr. T

Posted: 11/29/2016
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Do as I have done, switch to Wordpress instead, very easy to learn when you master Drupal, then you can still make your own themes with an old Artisteer. Do it temporarily until Artisteer works for Drupal 8.

Posted: 12/17/2016
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Posted: 2/15/2017
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IMHO you are loosing the business opportunity here. I don't know for how long, but there is a huge demand for Drupal 8 themes, check this out - ,

Drupal 8 support may take you to another level, just put more effort to it ... now!
Mr. T

Posted: 3/2/2017
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Artisteer is probably dying. :(
Mt. T

Posted: 8/20/2017
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Can not find any similar program like Artisteer.
Unfortunately, I had to leave Drupal for this reason, but have switched to Wordpress which is very powerful, which I do not regret, then you can still use Artisteer.