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Posted: 11/12/2012
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Is it possible to create e-commerce themes for wordpress using artisteer? Any recommendations?

Posted: 11/12/2012
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Yes, you can create a Woocommerce theme. The best is to create a Woocommerce plug-in and then export your theme in Woocommerce.

Also, you can create your own e-commerce plug-in ( for example; My ECommenrce), then modify that plug-in to work with Wordpress(WordpressMyEcommerce), then create its plug-in for Artisteer(ArtistterMyEcommerce).

Other alternatives is to use OpenCart or Prestashop. You can create an OpenCart plug in for Artisteer and you can export your Artisteer theme into the OpenCart plug-in.

You can do the same with PrestaShop but I think in the new Artisteer version 4.1 there will be a Prestashop plugin. I am not sure if it will be free or not.

In my opinion, you should go with either OpenCart or PrestaShop. Is better if you leave Wordpress out of any e-commerce, but hey, that is my personal view. You can choose to do whatever you would like, which ever is best for you:-)


Posted: 11/14/2012
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Nick or anybody here,

Do you have any sample e-commerce sites in your portfolio that I can look at ? Thanks.

Posted: 11/15/2012
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I am coming to a conclusion that Woocommerce is the best one to have, specially if you are going to have multiple options and inventory control, including the options (variations). Opencart can not handle those accurately. I can explain better if anyone is interested. With Woocommerce and WP however, I have serious doubts how it would perform when you have thousands of products. It's all good for smaller sites.

That said, here are 2 examples of ecwid in action, using QuickerSite:
www.vetcenterz.com - both sites use Artisteer 3.1 templates

Here are 2 sample opencart demo sites, using templates from themeglobal.com.

http://giftrebates.com/bcinc/ - this is responsive

I'm testing Woocommerce for only a week now, but I can set it up with Artisteer templates, and is quickly becoming my choice of e-commerce. The paid plugins for developers are very expensive though, compared to the ones for Opencart. But there is one for $299 that synchronizes your online store with Quickbooks, which makes it very attractive for medium sized companies.