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Posted: 10/26/2012
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After creating a site with 2 columns (narrow one on right for menus) and removing all content to a basic empty site i created a joomla 2.5 template. I then installed it into a joomla fresh install (the login form was visible in the basic beez template) and looked in the settings for the serve,users,template and all of the usual login form places to make sure registration was allowed and the form was published etc, but whatever i dii cannot make the login form apear on the default left after template instaletion.

I have tried with one column as well as 2 column sheets as well as blan and full sites from artisteer. Nothing works.

Im using the 2.5.7 joomla and artisteer 4. any help appreciated.

Posted: 7/9/2017
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I have exactly the same problem. I use the latest version Of Joomla 3.7.3 and Artisteer v4.x

After so many new versions, you'd think that Artisteer would have learn to make their template more compatible with Joomla. Instead of having their customer struggle to get things working.

For past experience, don't expect anyone from Artisteer to read your message, they just don't care. Good luck.

If I do find the solution, I'll post it here to help you guys out.

Posted: 7/15/2017
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I had the same problem. Actually it is not a problem. Click on the 4th menu from the left which says: "Layout", then click on "Widgets, a list will appear, offering to insert 6 different widgets to install.

Once you've installed the template, click on the template's name and then on the Import content button. Save, go back to your maiin page, refresh and voila, yor widgets appear.

I struggled with this problem, as you can read from my previous post, blaming Artisteer, while they were absolutely not responsible. But I still wish they would have posted this simple solution.
fidel marciano

Posted: 5/5/2020
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