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Steve P

Posted: 10/1/2012
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I'd like to modify this sample template, removing the top right image, and adding a slideshow in the same location. However, the Slideshow portion of the Header tab is grayed out.

this is my first exploration of 4.0, so I'm sure there is a simple way to turn this option back on?!


Loving awesome upgrade!
theme stock

Posted: 10/6/2012
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Hello Garry,

Nice to see you again, I happend to figured that the full width does not support sliders either way this is a bug (must be) or artisteer forgot this anyway for Steve P as you probly want a slider in the full width at this moment you seem not to be able doing this trough artisteer so i would do it as following:

you make the header a fixed width (but outside as garry said) than u just finish ur template once ur done u go to ur css and find art-header change the width to 100% this worked for me