artisteer 4 is killing me :)

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Posted: 9/26/2012 Quote message   

i did a template with aristeer 4 and when i open the page in firefox or chrome is fine but with IE 8 the backgorund color is not same and even the menu background color is different color ..

pleaseeeeeeeeeeee fix the problem ....

I think artisteer 4 needs a million times reveiw before release..

Ian Shere

Posted: 9/27/2012 Quote message   

Artisteer has already said that support for pretty much any version of IE except 9 is gone. There will be very limited support for 8 and 7 as I understand, but forget 6.

Transparencies and a bunch of the new stuff in v4 WILL NOT work in IE - even v9 has problems.

Posted: 9/27/2012 Quote message   

I think designers should not make any ie modifications.. it shouldbe microsoft´s job to make their browser to support common features!

But i understand that sometimes you need to support those ie versions too and that´s why it is little bit odd to remove that feature from artisteer. I think it should be optional that you can make designs without css3.. or maybe artisteer could use css3pie like i do..

And there are some things maded rally weird in artisteer 4.. Header images are not showing in ie and that is just stupidy because it is really easy to fix.

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