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Posted: 9/14/2012
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Hi, I'm a 'raw' beginner at website building - I purchased a domain name from go daddy, and hosting from hostgator - then built a website in Artisteer.

That was all simple enough - but now I am struggling to tie it all together. I have tried uploading my files directly to hostgator file manager, uploading with filezilla, and using the publish button in Artisteer. But nothing I am doing has produced an online site.

I've watched a ton on tutorials and read the manual etc. But its still not making sense. I've asked for assistance from all of the service I am using but the answers I get seem to assume a level of experience.

Can anyone offer any suggestions that could help me move forward from this point to actually 'create' a website?

Posted: 9/14/2012
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1st: Find your document root i.e. the place where your website starts from.
Hostgator docs will tell you this.
You don't need to create more than one file to check if site is working.
index.html is all you need - put file named index.html in your webroot.

Have you done a Whois on your domain name?
Check whether the DNS changes have propagated, in other words see if the name you have been given maps to correct IP address.

That's all.

--simple index.html file starts below this line--
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>New Website</title>
This is my test.