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Is there a changelog for Artisteer. somewhere?
Since you ar eusing Twitter, you should announce that the new Version is available there, also the 4.0 beta. Kind of annoying to come here and relaize it has been out already :D

Thanks in advance,


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Posted: 7/23/2012 Quote message   

Hi Garry,

The News Page does not have a changelog, neither does the "Available Product Versions" page, hence my question. I am aware that they are usually posted there. Since they were not I wondered where to find it, thanks though!

kind regards,


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I had the same issue last year and just mailed support nicely and they agreed to extend the license (It just ran out 3 days before the launch of 3.0), and I am sure they extend also for the same programm version. Just need to ask nice.
Since the support was really nice I renewed my license :-) Really like Artisteer, but I'd really like to know what they changed in the latest Version.

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Improves product stability....
Resolves various product crashes.....


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My previous post had been ban ?!................

I said what it is in the news of july 23 ( but doesn't matter...)

" Artisteer 3.1 Update
July 23, 2012

Even though we we are working on Artisteer 4.0, today we are releasing an update for Artisteer 3.1 users, which improves product stability. This update resolves various product crashes reported to us via the built-in crash reporting feature.

Artisteer 3.1 for Windows (
Artisteer 3.1 for Mac ( "

I think it is not so honest to remove post ! Not a very elegant process of democracy....

Thank you for sharing your experience. But things are a bit different here. It's not a new version, it's a bug ( if we believe what it is said in news of july 23 (see above)) correction.
Have a good day to all.
Castor Troy

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Why are you deleted my previous post?! :-<
Anyone should know what are you doing!

I repeat: no new functions or improvements in, just licence update to bother users...
Angry User

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Quote Castor Troy:

Why are you deleted my previous post?! :-<

Because that's how they roll.

No freedom of speach here.

I suggest you dis Artisteer in a non Artisteer controlled forum like everyone else does...


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