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Posted: 6/3/2012
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Hi Folks,

Here is my quandry.

1) I want to create a Template in Artisteer that has 3 different template page settings.

1) Left Column - Content
2) Content - Right Column
3) One Column (which is content w/o column on either side)

Can this be done easily?

RG (Contd)

Posted: 6/3/2012
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Well my current theme is setup so when I go into pages and select attributes the home page and other pages are setup so there are 2 columns. 1 for the content the other for primary widget area on the right. the one column setting is for content only. Those are my two settings with this theme.

I would like a 3rd that lets me flip the primary widget area to the left and the content on the right. Hope this makes more sense.


Posted: 6/5/2012
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OK I figured it out... and here it is for all of you wanting to do this. You CAN make as many different layouts (and possibly redesign the entire page, if you can tie the new pages into your style-sheets) as you often as you wish... It's easy!

For now, I am just adding an additional template.

1) Since you can only export 1 layout view template by default, you need to save your Artisteer template as a different file name so that you don't overwrite the original. DO THIS FIRST!

Open the Layout in the original theme in Artisteer and then change the column layout to what you want to add to your theme template (I am only changing the columns from two column right to two column left. Save the theme as a different name and Export it to your desktop (uncompressed is better).

Open the renamed theme's folder and look for page.php. Open the page.php file and add the following line of code at the very top. This should be the very first line of code in the file.

<?php /* Template Name: "Layout Name" */ ?>

NOTE: "Layout Name" is what ever you wish to name the template. Quotes are unnecessary.

Save the file name to whatever you want to call the layout for me I used the following (leftcolumn.php). Save the file to desktop. OR you can add it to your compressed folder and upload the theme normally OR open your FTP for the website. FTP the leftcolumn.php (or whatever you named it to) to the same directory under themes, where page.php location is.

Login to dashboard, pages, select a page, look under page attributes, template. Under the down-arrow the new template should appear.

That's it. I just changed the columns from Right to Left but this opens the door to a lot more modifications and template changes that are structural only, but there is also a lot more style-sheet revision that needs to be addressed as well if you want to change icons, borders, fonts.


Posted: 5/26/2013
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I've been using artisteer for over a year now. It's really awesome. But if they could add features like, customize number of layout on every page, pin board, article builder, contact form, 1 column slide below header even if you have multiple column layout, control on elements during responsive design view, add plugins even working on local, would kill the headway. :-)

Posted: 8/7/2013
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I did what was mentioned, but no luck.. the page template is showing up in the drop down on the pages, but the layout stays the same as the standard template.

Also.. both page.php and (in my case) sidebarRight.php look exactly the same in notepad. I wonder if I missed a step?