How to prevent inline CSS on export?

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Posted: 5/3/2012
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Hi, can anyone help me?

How to I prevent Artisteer from exporting Inline CSS in my HTML sites?

I have just completed my first site using Artisteer 3.1 (Mac) but noticed a shed load of inline CSS in the header of each page? It was a little embarrassing, because it was actually the client that noticed it.

The problem is of course, if the client wants to make changes to a paragraph style for example, they will need to apply these changes to each and every instance AND page.

I think what generally happens is, if I style anything it is treated as extra CSS and is added as inline.

Artisteer have kindly promised to add this as a feature suggestion, which is great, but this could be many months away at best, and I need a workaround at least for now.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Your help would be much appreciated


Posted: 5/3/2012
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Did you create the site from scratch or did you use an artisteer sample?