Please please HOW to add a blog to home page of html site?

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Posted: 3/21/2012
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I have a site created with html. I would like to add a blog to the home page. I have edited the site on the local computer to add a blog (appears now on page exactly how I want it). My question is: since this is not a WP or joomla site, will there be a CMS to edit the blog once I upload? And will the new blog pages look like the current template? Please anyone help. I would really appreciate help as I have been losing my mind with this question for weeks!

Thank you!!

Posted: 3/22/2012
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If you have a plain html site more than likely the mechanics of a blog will not be there.
It might be an idea to convert your site to wordpress, then you'll have
a blog plus an easy way of creating, editing content on your site.