How to add graphics to the right of page titles?

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Posted: 3/10/2012
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Hi, take a look at my site

Notice the empty area to the right of the Welcome page title?

I would like to place some icons there, on the right, anyone know how I could achieve that?


Posted: 3/12/2012
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Hi Rock

If you have a reasonable knowledge of css you can try :

1. add a background image and set a padding-right value


2. use an :after psuedo element and insert an image into that

In both cases you would be targetting the element.

Posted: 3/21/2012
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Just ad an image to the article and note the name. You then need to go in to the HTML of the exported page. Move the coding for the image to the correct location i.e after the welcome code. you just then need to open the style.css and search for the image name. you then just tweak the location settings to where you want the image to be placed. I use 2 screens. one with HTML Pad and one with dreamweaver CS5. I twaek the style.css in the CS5, save and then refresh the preview on the HTML Pad and you will see the image start to move.wvjhq