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Posted: 3/5/2012
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Hello, i have use HTML templates to design my site. For some reason, any image hyperlinks i put on the home page, are preceded with the domain name once clicked. But it doesnt show up in the HTML source code. Very frustrating. IE, i have a logo to go to www.langley-speedway.com. When i click on it. it goes to www.hrkc.com/www.langley-speedway.com which is not a page of course. www.hrkc.com is my domain.
I have deleted the link, started over etc. Just cant figure it out.

Posted: 3/7/2012
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Have tried using the full http://www...... as the link address rather than just www.

Don't know if it will help but might

Posted: 3/14/2012
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Yes, adding http:// always solve this issue.