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Posted: 8/21/2011
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Hey guys,

I am a beginner on Artisteer and trying to find my way in this awesome programme. Compliments to the people that made this software.

There is one thing that I am probably overlooking but whatever I try I can't find it.

If I would like to see the 'suggestions for ideas' I can only go through them by clicking. This is so unbelievably time consuming and annoying. Isn't there a possibility that you can see a page or overview with thumbnails of the templates where you can decide for yourself which one you want to see in a bigger version?

It is annoying not only cause it's timeconsuming, but if you decide to walk through all of them and you think 'oh I will choose the one 20 or 30 pages before this' there is no way of easily hopping to it.

Like I said, I probably am overlooking something so please help me on this matter :).

Thank you in advance. And keep up the good work. Having a lot of fun with it. Mostly with adjusting everything to my own wishes. That's absolutely the power of this program.


BTW, using the last version and using it mostly for Wordpress sites.