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Posted: 7/8/2011
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Im trying to add an additional region to the top area of my drupal template.

I did the following, but the region will not appear.


Added at top4 region as follows:

regions[top1] = Top 1 regions[top2] = Top 2 regions[top3] = Top 3 regions[top4] = Top 4

In page.tpl.php

Added the region to the php code as follows:

<div class="cleared reset-box"></div> <center><?php if (!empty($banner1)) { echo '<div id="banner1">'.render($banner1).'</div>'; } ?></center> <?php echo art_placeholders_output(render($top1), render($top2), render($top3), render($top4)); ?> <div class="laudcontent-layout"> 

Unfortunately still only top1, top2, and top3 appear. Top4 is not present.

I also did some looking around on the forums and tried the following trick:

<?php if ($new_block): ?>  <?php print $new_block; ?>  <?php endif; ?> 

Top4 was present then, but in a completely separate block. This is not what Im looking for, as I am hoping to accomplish 4 top blocks each occupying 25% of the available top block real estate.

Im probably just missing some simple code, but I am too simple to know what that is! Assistance is appreciated.

Posted: 7/12/2011
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Hello again.

To illustrate what I am having a problem with, I am attempting to modify the appearance of the items here, highlighted in blue. I wish to make them look like a single banner, but with 4 clickable locations that alternate as needed. I am using the Drupal Ads module to display the images and handle redirection to different areas of the site.

I have created 4 regions for them, highlighted in green. These regions however are not inline, but rather are cascading down the document.

I wish them to behave more like the default top regions, highlighted in red, in terms of how they display in a line, but want them to be free of any background, as if they were another banner region, highlighted in green.

Hope this helps clarify what I'm looking for so I can get some responses. Im OK with basic code, but I cant seem in this case to locate how Artisteer is formatting all of these various issues so that I can customize and adjust as needed.

The URL of the page I am trying to modify is

Thank you in advance.

Posted: 7/12/2011
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Posted: 7/25/2011
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Posted: 1/13/2016
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I'ld also like to add an additional region to the top area of my drupal template. The strategy above dind't work with drupal 7.
Does someone has an instructions for this case?

Thank you!