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Posted: 6/15/2011
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I downloaded the sample site 223 (Traveling Blog) as an Artisteer project. I was able to customize the foreground image for the new site, but I can not figure out how to change out the header image (a picture of the Eiffel Tower in this sample site). Could someone please tell me where I can go to change this using Artisteer, or if I need to simply replace the image with an alternative image with the same file name when I upload the template. I will be making a Joomla template for this site. Also, is there anyway of making this header image rotate with a few other images? If so, any suggestions as to how to do that would be appreciated. Thanks for you help.


Posted: 8/8/2011
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Change the style.css with your image or just replace header.png with your image in the images folder.


Posted: 8/16/2011
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In artisteer you can go to header tab
then under background/effects
go to glare

Posted: 8/17/2011
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I should of mentioned that this was for sample site 223
Not all samples are this method.