Crash on mac demo

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Posted: 3/16/2011
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I'm very interested by Artisteer Mac OSX. I wanted to try demo before purchased ... but after few tries, Artisteer crashes everytime I try to open it ?

I uninstalled it ... and i reinstalled it ... but still crashing ???!!!

I used Appcleaner to be sure everything was cleaning correctly ... but still same problem !

I wanted purchased but I think now it's very expensive for something not working correctly ... does anyone can help me to resolve this ?

PS : soory for my english ... i'm french ;)

Because, obviously, I should'nt wait any help here, I found my own solution which I share with you.

Uninstall with AppDelete (not AppCleaner) ... caches will be removed.

After you install again and it works again ...

Thanks for no answer and no helping ... I think I won't buy this soft ... customer support is too bad ... :(