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LANdango Mike

Posted: 11/25/2010
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I'm very impressed with Artisteer 3.0 Beta and the new web site creation is simply brilliant. I have worked with DotNetNuke for several years and Artisteer gave new life to those sites; as well as, re-charged my client base.

DotNetNuke, as many folks know, is like driving a tank to the bank. :-) It's just too much administrative work to maintain -- and I won't even go into the headaches of DNN upgrade issues. My point is that MVC's performance is far superior to anything ASP.Net alone can provide.

At the core, Artisteer is a game changer. The UI's cut/paste feature allowed my team to convert some simple sites in the matter of hours, if not minutes. Customers are happy with the raw performance of static HTML over a content management system (CMS) like DNN or even WordPress. The downside, of course, is that static content is not as flexible as the dynamic nature provided by a CMS; for instance the simple ability to change content at will-- which static html cannot provide natively.

The middle ground is Microsoft VC, which is commonly mistaken for Model View Controller. (a play on words really, because MVC from Microsoft does not have a model natively created when a new project is started). Search for Scott Hanselman for details or visit

My point of this post is that Artisteer has revolutionary product full of brilliantly designed features and strong approach at solving a decade-long gap in our industry. However, I strongly believe that, well as a Artisteer user is concerned, that Artisteer should consider filling the gap in MVC support. Even if a minimum support for MVC master pages, I believe, Artisteer’s client base would go viral in the world-wide .Net community.

I'm sure that Team Artisteer is hard at work hashing out the kinks in v3; I'm just hoping that they'll surprise us with MVC support very, very soon.

Thanks for making a market-leading product.


Christian Schiffer

Posted: 3/15/2011
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I fully agree with mike here. However I would suggest that the 3.0 version of Artisteer should be tailored to work with the MVC 3 version and its Razor engine. The preferred rendering engine for MVC. Razor has layout pages instead of master-pages and I would think that would also make it more easy for you guys to implement. You should use nested Razor layout pages where the header, menu and footer is the top layout page while sidebars should be children. Other stuff could then be implemented as partials.

Scott Gu has a great tutorial on how these things should be implemented:


Posted: 8/30/2011
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Quote Daz:

Quote Adrian:

I would like to see support for MVC3 and Razor Layout in version 3.1. ASAP.

Asap? You think that feature suggestions = your personal "yes master, working on it" dev team?

That is just my wishful but it doesn't mean that you have to drop everything and work on it. It could be a good for helping new sales.

Posted: 12/13/2011
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ASAP means "As soon as possible", not "right now, you dogs"..calling someone out for something you don't seem to understand is a bit uncalled for.