Page (header) goes 15px UNDER Blogger navbar

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Posted: 10/20/2010
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:-@ Please Artisteer, give me an answer to this!? I cannot use my template, if it does not fit to the page correctly. The header cannot go under Blogger navbar!

Posted: 10/31/2010
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put the link to the blog

Posted: 12/18/2010
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You should contact Artisteer support with URL having issue:

Posted: 2/21/2012
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put the imges use ImageShack.
You can choise ImageShack.

Perhaps, Picasa webalbum is not suitable to Artisteer templates.

Posted: 4/16/2012
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Or you can change your images' url s1600 to s1920.
MUST change all image to s1920 , s2000 or over.

ex)http://abcd/aaaa/s1600/abc.jpg -> http://abcd/aaaa/s1920/abc.jpg

s1600'URL is incorrectly aspect ratio.