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Carol Wiepert

Posted: 10/11/2010
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Here's a few tips to prevent error messages PRIOR to installing your Artisteer template in Joomla. Artisteer is a great program. Like all graphics programs, it is memory intensive. Here's a few things you can do to eliminate error messages and have your installs go seamlessly and display beautifully from the beginning.

First, most of us will create a few custom graphics for our site. Dependent upon your graphics program, CPU speed, memory limitations, etc. you will have a number of temporary files floating around in your system which may/may not interfere with other graphics programs (Artisteer). It's important you clear your computer's cache and "tmp" files prior to using Artisteer if you don't want any conflicts.


1) (IMPORTANT!) Prior to using Artisteer, clean your computer's cache, prefetch (if enabled) and all .tmp files.
2) Next, end all non-essential programs prior to use as it will speed up the program (regardless of CPU speed or amount of memory you have).
3) Make sure you create file in proper format (i.e. Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, Wordpress, etc.) I use all formats and sometimes forget to change it.
4) Create/Modify template, Save to "artx" file and exit Artisteer.
5) Repeat Step 1.
6) Bring up Artisteer, Select your template THEN export file to desired format WITHOUT ANY CHANGES.


1) Check your file permissions on the live site prior to uploading. See Note below on file permissions.
2) Double check your FTP program settings:
Limit simultaneous uploads to 1 (eliminates errors in transfer on fast servers),
Set transfer mode to Binary, and
Set FTP to verify each upload (guarantees files are identical after transfer).


All templates are not created equally and they don't all have the same module positions. The most common display problem after enabling your template is forgetting to go to Admin Control Panel> Extensions> Modules and double checking the position for EACH module in use to insure it matches module positions for Artisteer template.


The average install on a Joomla site will have in excess of 7,000 files. It's always a good idea to make sure your file permissions are set properly before you install a new extension (template). There's a great program call Admin Tools which will do this for you at the touch of a button. It's free, it's easy and will save you many hours of grief. Read about it and download here:

Next, if you aren't testing your templates locally (offline) prior to installing on a production (online) site, you should be. It's the best way to find errors prior to screwing up a live site. Use Xampp if you are new to this method. It's easy, it's FREE and it supports all OS systems: Here's the link for info and downloading:

Hope this helps some of you and have a great day!


Posted: 10/11/2010
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I'd recommend that you don't use an FTP program to upload the template. It's easier (given the level of expertise of a lot of the question setters on these forums) to export from Artisteer as a zip file and use the Install option in Joomla's admin area to upload & install the template.

The major problem with using an FTP client is that the case of file-names can sometimes be altered - for example ButtonBG.jpg may be uploaded as buttonbg.jpg.

Posted: 10/12/2010
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I get this message when trying to install my custom joomla template"

* JFTP::login: Unable to login
* JFTP::store: Unable to use passive mode
* Warning! Failed to move file.

I have installed my own custom templates no problem. not sure what this means..

Posted: 10/13/2010
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I think you have enabled FTP layer from Global configurations but the FTP user details are incorrect.
Carol Wiepert

Posted: 10/16/2010
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I agree with you to a point. If you're attempting to create your own designs and upload them, you "should be" familiar with what you are doing. There is a learning curve which can't be avoided if you want to succeed. Often, the errors mentioned here have nothing to do with Artisteer. Therefore, you must isolate the problem and where it's coming from before you can fix it.

I was trying to guide others on "3rd party" issues you can avoid. I "must" assume they are somewhat competent since they have installed Joomla and are using Artisteer. To do this, you must be somewhat familiar with FTP.

I strongly urge others NOT to use the Joomla core FTP layer. It's a security risk not worth taking, even if you will be the only USER. An alternative is listed below.

The post which prompted this "article" was addressing issues which may/may not arise when you do an auto install from the zip file. I was trying to show the others how to install "manually" as a "troubleshooting" measure. Note the name of this post (grin).

If you don't have control over your file transfers, you'll have all kinds of errors. Many people are using older/outdated FTP software. There's no reason for this since OpenSource programs are readily available to all. I'm sure everyone understands what OpenSource is if they are here. Joomla IS a definitive example of OpenSource programming!

I use FILEZILLA. It's the most highly recommended, widely used and reliabe OpenSource program available which allows you to set the parameters for uploads. There is also extensive documentation which gives detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips if you have a problem.

Here's the link:

The most important thing to remember is, use BINARY mode for file transfers. This prevents any changes to filenames or data.

I failed to mention that, prior to going through all these steps, it might help if you visit the forums and do a search. Chances are the answer has already been asked and answered there. There are two forums of particular interest to all. The INSTALLATION and TEMPLATES forums.

You can take your error code and copy/paste it to search on the main page. If that error has ever come up for someone else, you'll probably find your answer in a manner of seconds, or at least get an explanation of the error.

Here's the link:

Vicki's error has to do with file permissions. If she had been using Akeeba's Admin Tools as suggested in my notes, this wouldn't have happened.

So, Vicki:

I recommend installing Filezilla. Use your server/host cPanel or contact your host on server specific settings. It's really quite simple and this is something a Tech won't mind helping with.

Then, following the information in the notes above, install Akeeba's Admin Tools. File permission errors will vanish.

There's a reason for every tip I put in the above post. They work.
Note the name of this post. (grin)

Have a great day all! I'll check back here later and see how things went for Vicki.


Posted: 10/16/2010
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Quote :
If you're attempting to create your own designs and upload them, you "should be" familiar with what you are doing. There is a learning curve which can't be avoided if you want to succeed.

Without a doubt, but most of the folk posting on here can't even post their queries in the correct forum. They are not in the least bit interested in being familiar with anything other than Artisteer - which they bought on the back of the promise that they wouldn't need to know HTML, CSS, FTP or any other techie stuff.
Quote :
I was trying to guide others on "3rd party" issues you can avoid. I "must" assume they are somewhat competent since they have installed Joomla and are using Artisteer. To do this, you must be somewhat familiar with FTP.

You can install Joomla from a Fantastico add-on to CPanel with two clicks so assuming that any knowledge is present make the old adage about assume ring true (assume makes an ass out of u/b] & me).
You don't need any competency to use Artisteer either.

Posted: 10/16/2010
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I am not sure whether Artisteer will allow me to upload a header that has links in it - not sure what the correct name for this is.

Basically I would like the header I have designed to have links to a few social media sites in it and whilst I can map the image in the graphics software I use it then generates the image and a pile of HTML and I have no clue what to do with it and dont know if it can be loaded into Artisteer or not.

I know this is probably qutie a basic problem but I would be grateful if anyone could tell me how to achieve the desired result.

Ian Shere

Posted: 10/17/2010
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I'd make a custom module position and publish your code in Joomla's Custom HTML module in that position.