THUMBNAILS in Photoshop !!!

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Posted: 9/7/2010
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This one's for just about everybody!

I've been living without Photoshop Thumbnails for two years...
...but this app WORKS.

I had to reboot my box twice, but it set itself and it works perfect.

Posted: 9/7/2010
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I WILL be using that one.
Thanks Porter !!!

The mysticthumbs is a bit different.
It adds thumnails for PSD files on the fly for Window Explorer, instead of the blue psd icon.

When you go to My Computer and look through all your files and images you can see what they are again.
I haven't been able to do that since Photoshop 7.

Making good thumbnails is important, but MysticThumbs displays all my existing files as ThumbNails when I browse them.

A very important function that Adobe neglected to force us to use Bridge.

Posted: 5/22/2012
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Another great one can be found at (How do you make links clickable in this forum?)