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Amen Moja Ra

Posted: 5/22/2010
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OK I found the problem on why the SSL won't work with the Artisteer Template that I have. The flash header element will not allow SSL to function properly. So you may want to look into the flash header feature that you just included into the latest update of Artisteer. When I don't include Flash in the header the SSL works fine.

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Amen Moja Ra

Posted: 5/23/2010
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You should explain your SSL flash issue in some detail

Posted: 12/22/2011
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Edit the final template and modify the links to the adobe flash gif and perhaps the flash player link as well.

In my Joomla template, I edited the template (via Joomla Admin):

<param name="swfliveconnect" value="true" /> <!--<![endif]--> <div class="art-flash-alt"><a href=""><img src="" alt="Get Adobe Flash player" /></a></div> <!--[if !IE]>--> </object> <!--<![endif]-->

This worked for me (I had the same issue you reported above)

Posted: 11/15/2016
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This is found in the index.php file. It worked for me as well.