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Posted: 5/4/2010
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Hey guys,...[

I am just wondering, if there are any known problems with the option
* From File.... [to choose own images/files/data]?!

I tried to open the 'From File...'-option and I am able to brows and choose data/images but when i want to accept/activate the file, an error message pops up: 'File not Found'. :-/

It happens with every single 'From File' - option.

Any1 has a clue?

Thanks upfront,

Dave Porter

Posted: 6/21/2010
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Hi Fred,

I would put your images in a folder that is in the root of your site.
When published this long path is not going to used anyway, so just make it easier for Artisteer to access the images in a location that will be a more realistic path.
HTH, Dave