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The "Header" section of artisteer offers a "Text Block" option (no text block, or text block on left/right and a percentage.

How can I input text in there? I would expect that text block area to be generated as a "position" (or module container) so that I can put a Joomla module inside it.

Any idea how can I use this feature?

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Yes, it would be better but you can simply add headline and slogan going: header-> title while in Artisteer.

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Yes i was asking the same, in artisteer you can create a "Text block" in the header but what position does this get? i want to put my search option in there! Hope to hear the answer soon.

Now gonna search how to put costom positions in here :*)

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It doesn't get any position. You can see all the module positions created by Artisteer at following page:

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I still am not seeing how to get the text to appear in the header text block that is created in Artisteer.... am I missing something simple?

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Perhaps I am misunderstanding the Header Text Block....originally, I was thinking that the header text block was separate from the "Headline and Slogan" text within the header. Is the "text block" the same thing?

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Yes, header text appears in text block if you have selected it, otherwise text will appear directly on header image.

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So...is the text block ever editable from within Joomla? If not, I don't think I see the need for having a text block option.

By the way, Artisteer is an awesome product....I am very impressed with it!

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Create your template, add the headline and slogan text and position it where you want it. After installing the template in joomla, go to your template folder and open up your index.php. In the header section you should see the following code:

<div class="art-Header">
<div class="art-Header-png"></div>
<div class="art-Header-jpeg"></div>
<div class="art-Logo">
<div id="slogan-text" class="art-Logo-text">Test</div>

Just change the art-Logo-text to whatever you want. Same would go for the headline.

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@ Arnold

No, text block is not editable from Joomla admin because it is not a module or module position.

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This is editable from Joomla admin. Go to template manager and choose (click) the template that you wish to edit. Click "Edit HTML" in the upper right. You will then be able to edit the same block of code that I posted above.

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I was suggesting it doesn't becomes module position, of-course you can edit the code.

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I really think that a module position (or two) should be available within the header area-- most especially because that is a preferred location for search boxes and user login/logout positions.

In a project I am working on now, I am especially perplexed that I need to put a logo to the left of the header, some menu links in the middle, then another graphic black and a search box to the right in the header--but there's no simple way to do it in Artisteer. I hope this will be added--soon. I'm happy to keep paying fot the professional version of Artisteer, so I hope this is something that will come and keep motivating me to buy renewals and upgrades.


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There is a way to cheat using Peter Van Westen's (http://www.nonumber.nl) modules anywhere, but this really only works for text. Also be aware that formatted text in the Header can break W3C compatibility.

I have experimented using this method to insert Search, Banner ads and so on in the header some time ago with limited success. So if you want to have those things in your header your best bet, at the moment, is to manually create extra module positions in Art's output template files as is explained elsewhere in these forums.

Now, onto having header text you can set/edit from within Joomla admin:

Assuming you have sufficient knowledge of Joomla to install modules and create new custom html modules:-

1/ In Artisteer add {module headline} in the Header Headline text box and {module slogan} in the Slogan text box. You could use any name it doesn't have to be headline or slogan but you must note them down 'cause we're going to use them later for custom html modules.

2/ Export your template to a zip file and then upload and install it in Joomla.

3/ In Joomla (admin) go to Extensions/Module Manager and create a new custom html module Title headline, Show Title No, Enabled Yes, Position Top (or other that doesn't exist in template - you don't actually want to use a visible position module), Order and Access Level and menus are up to you.
In the Custom Output type the text you want to appear in the header. Save the module.

4/ Go check it's worked and optionally repeat 3/ above substituting slogan for header.

Good Luck :)

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