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Posted: 10/11/2009
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Artisteer needs some differents layouts like square sites, image only front page and others. Not only the "sheet layout".

What about some "non symetric" layouts and the option to place and customize Joomla "positions" like drag-and-drop?
Kevin M

Posted: 11/30/2009
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I have been looking through the forum now for a few days. I am seeing allot of posts just like yours where the basics of the question is to have Artisteer do everything for you.

Not trying to sound rude here but you guys need to take some lessons on Joomla and HTML in general. There has never been drag and drop module positions in Joomla and the current language does not have the ability to offer this type of feature.

Learning some basics you will be able to edit any template and put a module position where ever you need it.

As for the square site, just don't add any formatting to it and learn some basic CSS and you can have that. The image only front page can be done by just a simple html page set as index with an image on it.