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Hi !

Now I've been working to manage this for more than 3 days when I finally foud your tip. This tip may now save my life ! There is only one more thing I can not manage : I cannot reference Article1 in the Page_Load event handler. This is because there is no control create for it in the page.designer.cs file. I also can not manually add it, because the Article class can be found in the Artisteer namespace and I don't know how to use it.
Can you tell me this small trick, pleae ?

Many thanks,

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you wrote :

"in page load event:

Artisteer.Article Articulo = new Article();
This is what I can't do, because I cannot use the Artisteer namespace.
If I try to add a "using Artisteer" it does not compile. Also, I cannot add a
reference, because there is no assembly for this namespace, is it ?

The article.cs file, which defines the article class is placed in the App_Code fiolder. Is that ok ?

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Yes, but in the CodeBehind file I cannot reference the namespace. Also, I read some article about the differences between an Asp Website project and an Asp Web Application project. I am using the latter, do you ?

Are you using a different namespace for the project, like "MyWebSite" ? If yes, I am pretty cuorius what makes it possible to use the Artisteer namespace in the codefiles.

Bill Togkas

Posted: 11/21/2010 Quote message   

What happens to default controls
What would be the configuration in order for a treeview to get the styles of a vmenu ??
How a menu control of asp would get the equivalent style of artisteer?
Luis Jasso

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You must use the following code

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

Article1.DataBind(); // ever Bind component

LinkButton google = Article1.ContentPlaceholder.Controls[0].FindControl("google"); // search component name in Article1
//Article1 hasn´t function called GetControl

google.Click += new EventHandler(google_Click); // create event


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for those of you like me spend last 5 hours trying to figure out why


wont work

the answer is the .cs file your editing in change its property, Build Action to Embedded Resources.
then you will be able to access data from the aspx file.

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Trying to set target Framework 3.5 in project property maybe can solve the issue which "Article1.DataBind" cant work.

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Hi, I want to use a artisteer template as a Theme. How can I do it?!
Please help me!


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Inheritance security rules violated by type: 'Artisteer.ArticleDesigner'. Derived types must either match the security accessibility of the base type or be less accessible.

I get an error.
what can I do
help me

Posted: 3/24/2012 Quote message   

@ web, Jerry

Contacting Artisteer support with the error details may be very helpful:

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Quote web:

Inheritance security rules violated by type: 'Artisteer.ArticleDesigner'. Derived types must either match the security accessibility of the base type or be less accessible.

I get an error.
what can I do
help me

Get the same error on our hosting. Localhost works perfect but remote is ...


Posted: 5/30/2013 Quote message   

Get the same error on hosting

Posted: 6/25/2013 Quote message   

Quote Havana7:

Get the same error on hosting

Probably because the original post was written four years, and several versions of ASP.NET, ago.

Set the framework back to ASP.NET 2.0 or Google your error and loot at some of the MSDN posts since .NET 4.0 and above were released.


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