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Posted: 7/31/2009
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Im seeing behavior that can best be described as NOT functioning to spec.

Here's what's happened:

Downloaded the latest beta. Installed, and popped her open. Worked great for about 90 seconds until I asked it to show me live previews of what was happening as I was making changes to the header, the page, anything at al, which is what I like about the product to begin with. And after about another 90 seconds, it crashed! Poof.

I was working on a layout for wordpress, not *THAT* complex, but certainly not all that detailed, as I hadn't gotten that detailed yet.

After the crash, I went into the pref files and looked for .plist or pref files...there are none, to remove them when I started again. I restarted Artisteer again and again was hit with the same problem, no preview in about 90 seconds of operation...

My guess is that because this is running off X11, not everything is going to work the way I expect it to.

I'm really hoping you guys can get this thing together...really...Not that I don't like booting into windows (not) every time I want to work on wordpress projects but REALLY guys.

Thanks. Nice work on the whole.