What wysiwyg editors can handle Artisteer templates?

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Posted: 5/11/2009
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Can someone provide a list of wysiwyg editors that can handle Artisteer templates?

The editor needs to:
1) display the template correctly during editing
2) work at a normal, usable speed, not an excruciating slow crawl
3) produce pages that display correctly in IE, Firefox and Chrome
4) work in the editor's normal mode with normal Artisteer templates

(It would be fabulous if someone knew of a wysiwyg editor that worked with Artisteer and produced dwt files!)

Thank you so much!

Posted: 5/11/2009
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You can try Webuilder 2008. Great for editing these templates with excellent, fast preview.

Posted: 5/11/2009
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Try the SeaMonkey Suite of tools at seamonkey-project.org. The Composer editor in this collection works very well with these templates.
John A Thomson

Posted: 5/19/2009
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You could also look at NVU and Komposer, both of which are freeware.


Posted: 5/22/2009
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Instead of fooling with static html pages. You can integrate Artisteer templates into a CMS called www.QuickerSite.com. The developer uses Artisteer and has created a video on how to integrate Artisteer by creating templates. You can have a site default template and you can selectively have different templates for different page. Templates are created using Artisteer html files (they are a mess) and inserting some existing QuickerSite variables. Here's a site that's not live yet, but it will give you some ideas. www.WestraInsulBuck.com. I am not the developer, just a customer.

Posted: 7/21/2009
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I use Coffeecup HTML Editor which also has a visual editor incorporated. I do all my coding in there and have successfully opened Artisteer pages in there, so assume that they could also be seen in the visual editor preview.

Posted: 7/24/2009
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Kompozer is also good to handle Artisteer templates

Posted: 10/3/2009
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Quote bikeman:

My quad core with 4gb ram can't handle artisteer templates without Dreamweaver slowing to a crawl.

Have tried Kompozer - sorry it's a load of rubbish:

- No templating fuction - life's too short to copy nav bars to every page

- No site wide find and replace

- No server side scripting or database functions

- No intellisense code completion

- No split code/design view

- Doesn't display code formatting and tabbed formattting is removed on saving even with 'retain original source formatting' enabled.

But worst of all it rewites my html - not even Dreamweaver does that!

You've got serious PC issues if your quad core can't handle Artisteer templates in Dreamweaver. Artisteer templates aren't any different than any hand-coded website template. They use lots of div tags for layout design, but the coding isn't that sophisticated and very light for the most part.

As far as the list of features, you're asking for a program to replace a programmer and you're not going to find that for the price of Artisteer. My recommendation for those who are wanting to build a website and "alter" the template without digging into the code is to use a CMS such as Joomla or Drupal. I think Joomla is probably the easiest for those who aren't into coding anything and keeping things simple.

Any CMS has a learning curve and takes some getting use to, but once you learn it, it'll save you a bunch of time and gives you a bit of flexibility, especially when it comes to altering the appearance of your site. Trying to create a sophisticated designed site without knowing how to manually alter code and strickly rely on a WYSIWYG editor is nearly impossible.

If you want to be a web designer, learn HTML and CSS at the very least. Otherwise, get accustomed to a CMS that does all the hard stuff for you. I've gone back and learned CSS to be able to use Artisteer for HTML pages. I actually divide the pages up with PHP and make very easy to manage templates for my site.

My first site, http://www.myownserver.info is built on Joomla and it's current design is using an Artisteer template. So is the blog for it.

I used Artisteer to design my churches website as well, http://www.mercyscross.com , which also runs on Joomla.

My experimental site which I am kinda dabbling with is http://www.myownserver.info/code/ and is using Drupal. I made it as an effort to learn Drupal, but I've been busy hand-coding php scripts that I haven't had much time to mess with it.

Bottom line is if you want an HTML site, Artisteer will save you tons of time designing it, but it won't create the site for you. WYSIWYG editors are great and I myself love them, but they don't do everything and have their limitations. If coding isn't your thing, a CMS is your best bet and worth the time to learn it.

Posted: 10/16/2009
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Well if we have come full circle to editors again, then look at HTML Kit which is free and excellent.
I know the OP does not want to mess with code, but in the HTML Kit and also in the Coffee Cup HTML Editor you can go to preferences and grey out all the code and highlight the text areas in a strong colour. This helps no end when it comes to making changes - you just avoid the "ghost" coloured code and make changes to the text only.

You will feel so very pleased with yourself if you start to get your head around some code and learn to have greater control over the results. The Artisteer really does produce some nice clean code (which is why it is standards' compliant) which is pretty easy to follow.

Posted: 10/25/2009
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Just re-reading that post of mine, I appreciate that it could be misunderstood.

So let me reword that...
I use the CoffeeCup HTML Editor in the code mode only. The Editor has a visual editor incorporated, but I personally never use that so do not know how it would behave with Artisteer templates.
When I have generated an Artisteer template page, I am able to open that HTML page in the CoffeeCup HTML Editor.

In conclusion, I know that the Artisteer templates are compatible with the HTML Editor, but I cannot confirm that for the Visual Editor and certainly not for the CoffeeCup Visual Design Editor which is a separate application altogether.

Posted: 10/30/2009
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I use Dreamweaver CS4 with no problems. Something really cool that I did find that you may look into is Blumentals WeBuild 2010. That is one awesome editor and it offer split previews. Really cool.

Check out www.cyclenow. us for my really cool Artisteer site.

Posted: 11/13/2009
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komposer create a blank page. I'll buy the software when it will work with dreamweaver or similar WYSIWYG editors.

Posted: 11/13/2009
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I personally use notepad to create a web page and edit existing ones.

Posted: 12/9/2009
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I too have problem with Artistee template using Dreamweaver CS3. My computer has 4GB RAM . This is my first time using Artisteer HTML template. Now, there's no problem editing HTML code in DW, however when you save, it runs excruciating slow. Even saving CSS code to CSS file is very slow.

I've developed many sites including Drupal sites and never had problems editing or saving themes and CSS files (NOT Artisteer generated themes)in DW .

Is there a magic button/configuration that you set to make Artisteer run smoother in DW or is it just not compatible with DW?

Posted: 12/9/2009
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Quote :
I have a feeling that, since my quest has dragged so long without turning anything up, there probably is no modern wysiwyg editor that can handle Artisteer templates on a normal pc..


This may be a bit late...but I think I have found a solution on designing/editing Artisteer template using Design mode in Dreamweaver!

Select this block of code (below) and right click and select Selection and click on Apply /* */ Comment. and save the file. This works great! However don't forget to uncomment it when done and ready for production.

Let me know if this works for anyone who has same problem in DW

is = function(t){return (u.indexOf(t)!=-1)};
(!(/opera|webtv/i.test(u))&&/msie (\d)/.test(u))?('ie ie'+RegExp.$1)
: is('firefox/2')?'gecko firefox2'
: is('firefox/3')?'gecko firefox3'
: is('gecko/')?'gecko'
: is('chrome/')?'chrome'
: is('opera/9')?'opera opera9':/opera (\d)/.test(u)?'opera opera'+RegExp.$1
: is('konqueror')?'konqueror'
: is('applewebkit/')?'webkit safari'
: is('mozilla/')?'gecko':'',
(is('x11')||is('linux'))?' linux'
: is('mac')?' mac'
: is('win')?' win':''
].join(' '));

Posted: 12/25/2009
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I would like to edit the Artisteer template code (CSS and HTML) as it looks in firebug when opening a site in the firefox browser. This is because I know CSS and HTML code and php code is…. not yet for me readable.
I use Joomla and I host the Artisteer template and Joomla 1.5 on a webbhotell and not locally. I can open up the files in filemanager in some editor and I can view them in a FF tab, but index.php is not in loaded with information interpreated in any browser.

Is there any possibillity to edit with Firebug(gecko look) from the webb hotel? Or is it so that I just have to learn php to edit the Artisteer template as long as it stored at a remote host? Or is there something else I can do to reach the coding.


Posted: 12/26/2009
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You can edit code in Firebug only for testing purpose locally, it can't be saved on host.

Posted: 12/29/2009
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the successor to frontpage is expression web 3 from microsoft

it will open artisteer templates easy

60 day trial is free

$79.00 is you own office

i like it but i'm still looking

trying to find something even easier and maybe free

i bought artisteer but i still like free ~!

Posted: 1/17/2010
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Perhaps this will help - I have tried several of the suggested editors here and share your frustration that they either chock on Artisteer code or don't have the features of Dreamweaver.

But I think I can help you...

Microsoft's Expression Web is very similar to DW, it can useDWT templates and in version 3 it now writes very clean code, including both asp.net AND PHP.

If I hadn't given all my money to Adobe I would switch to Expression web.

I suggest you download the 30day trial and let us know how you get on.


Posted: 2/12/2010
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Margaret, I commiserate with you. Dreamweaver CS4 makes a mess of the Artisteer templates, making visual editing nearly impossible. Sure, if you're a code pro, that's not a big deal. But most photographers and designers don't want to spend their time looking at or attempting to hack code. That's one reason most of us end up getting Artisteer!

The only thing I have found on the Mac that will read Artisteer templates and let you edit them visually without seeing your page in a mess is Sea Monkey. It actually opened the page perfectly! I was so stunned, I nearly fell out of my chair! My oh-so-expensive Dreamweaver CS4 couldn't touch what a completely free program can.

If you're on a Mac, try Sea Monkey. It works!

Posted: 2/12/2010
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For Windows Kompozer is best.

Posted: 2/16/2010
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Hi, I'm using JCE and it works perfect in wysiwyg.

Posted: 2/20/2010
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Try Visual Studio 2008 express lot of support in the .NET forums. It has html support also not to mention the design capabilities, builtin css builder, and it is free as well.

Posted: 2/25/2010
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:-) sherry you are right. its the best. the Bester thing is that it has another version for windows too! no problem for those who own windowsshit

Posted: 4/28/2010
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Sherry - you're so right! :)

I tried opening Artisteer templates using the following on my Mac:
and a few others

I thought that I must be doing something wrong and then read this forum - downloaded Sea Monkey (went to the Composer part) and was VERY happy to not only see it all of the template there, but I could do whatever I wanted!! (Best part was NO lagging!)

You've made my day!


blue sky

Posted: 5/16/2010
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I can get neith dreamweaver 8 nor Komposer to open the index.php file that Artiseer generates for a wp tempkate theme. Code view only is available.

perhaps I am not surprised by DW8 but I thought Komposer would have been fine! :(

Posted: 5/18/2010
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I am also searching for a wysiwyg-editor. Have found three, but they don't work with Artisteer: Webplus, Web easy and Coffecups Visual site designer. Coffecup HTML editor may work as someone said, but is it wysiwyg, and why then also a Visual site designer ?
Others are mentioned here: Dreamweawer, Visual Studio and Expression Web. Do they make it ?

The Quickersite CMS was another solution, but my host has Linux.
Have tried some Joomla, Drupal and wp too, but it's a jungle designing and adapting a site.

So any wysiwyg editor ?

Posted: 5/18/2010
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The wysiwyg editor Webplus don't work with Artisteer because it supports absolute positioning, not fluid layout.


Posted: 5/18/2010
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Have anyone tested Dynamic HTML Editor ?
Or XSitePro ??
SiteSpinner ?

Posted: 5/21/2010
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Quote Charles:

Try the SeaMonkey Suite of tools at seamonkey-project.org. The Composer editor in this collection works very well with these templates.

Sea Monkey works with text editing nicely, but any change in the code (even just changing the title) cause a change in the rendering and it is no longer WYSIWYG. Loses most of the formatting. Not convenient at all. :-<
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