Uber Cart - testing or Theme customization ?

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Posted: 4/16/2009
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Continuing my evaluation of Artisteer... and going to put it thru its paces on my ecommerce test site that uses Ubercart and Drupal 5.x.

I was wondering if anyone has done any testing with Uber cart and Artisteer generated themes ? any gotcha's ?

With the little testing I did I realized that to "enhance" Ubercarts look and feel to look like the rest of the theme theme I will have to create a template file called node-products.tpl.php and "pick" up the look and feel of the theme. Will also have to create a file for the shopping carte etc.. Has anyone done this or anything similar ?

Any suggestions of a good starting point ? - I am just getting into customized Drupal 5.x themeing


Posted: 1/21/2011
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OK... I use Ubercart daily with a few sites.. .I don't worry about themeing the cart itself.. However, to get your admin looking like better solution, get Tao theme and Rubic Theme, usse Rubic for admin theme after enabling both themes.

Download Admin and admin tools, then you will wonder why you hadn't done these few small steps from the start. Trust me, you will turn off admin menu and most likely uninstall it so fast... :)

Enjoy... I have a load of info if someone wants help.

Skype me, I will gladly help out in Teamviewer
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Posted: 1/26/2011
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I have found the only issue I am having is that When making a taxonomy catalog item, then make children sub-categories, the vertical menu does not work right, even if I place catalog into the Vertical Menu Block. I am not sure how to get around this... For now I have used menu module to create parent categories and place children categories into this. Not Ideal... :-/