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all get right to the point. i am going to use this program to create A LOT of wordpress templates. with this said, I want to present my list of 'must haves' take it or leave it..

1) use icons for the 'search button' instead of a 'SEARCH BUTTON' button.

2) ability to align blog template left or right. all of your blog templates are center

2) 4+ columns and more variety when it comes to placement of these
columns....a lot of times, people use columns for advertisments and so on More columns = more blog options

3) ability to change the colors of the columns themselves (not just the blocks)..

4) if you guys can make this happen I'll be forever greatful.... ability to customize the layouts of the single.php, page.php, archives.php, etc....for example i want my main.php to be 1 column, but single.php to be 2 column....etc

4) here's a stretch.....ability to export header or any art work directly to an art program such as photoshop

Marc Smith

Posted: 1/27/2009 Quote message   

That's all? And they are "must have"?

What happens if they decide your 'must have' list isn't appropriate for the majority of users?

I cringe everytime I read one of these posts.

Here is my list of MUST HAVES

1. If you are using this tool to create a LOT of themes for Wordpress, you must recognize that the product as it stands now saves you HOURS of development time and the bit of hand coding you need to do to get some of the results is worth it given what this tool does.

2. If you need something beyond the scope of what Artisteer does, it might be best to code it by hand in the first place... since complexity in a theme package certainly adds a HUGE amount of overhead to the programming already.

There are more, but I'll leave them for another post at another time.. I don't want anyone to get the idea I'm grumpy or anything.

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calm down....i had already bought the program....i thought this board was suggestions....and so these ideas were on the top of my list. had i known my suggestions would be met with anger and frustration then i take all my suggestions back.

so never mind. as i said, take it or leave it....

dude you seriously need some major stress management therapy,...nice program but i vote that somebody w/better customer service skills be incharge of your 'feedback' forum

Marc Smith

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First, I am not affiliated with Artisteer. They maintain a minimal presence here.

Second, when someone deals with absolutes, like 'must have'... how about "this would be really cool if...."

Part of what I do here is try to add a little levity (and real world common sense) and try to help the absolute beginners, who this product is mostly aimed at, get thru using the software and guiding them to the appropriate places where they learn more about the product they are using, be it Wordpress, Joomla or Artisteer.

And if you didn't recogize the tongue in cheek attitude, especially highlighted by the last line of my post, well, golly.

I'll add anger management to my 'must have' list.
Dan E.

Posted: 1/28/2009 Quote message   

Marc you should get a dollar for every time someone thinks you are in charge here and works for Artisteer!!

Here is my must have list:

Quote :
Strong Espresso
Scotch Whiskey
My girlfriend
high speed internet
Plasma TV with PS 3

Marc Smith

Posted: 1/28/2009 Quote message   


I hear ya. I love Artisteer and all, but sometimes, in forums, less diplomatic approaches wind up happening. I'm not afraid to tell someone to read the manual.... or point them somewhere where they really need to learn about product and such.

And nothing against Leboen, but the word PLEASE goes a long way.
'Please' works well with my wife, 'you have to' never ever ever works.


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well, jeese....i couldn't find the unicorn and rainbow smilies to put in my original post. If there was a way, I would have dotted my i's with hearts and perfumed the thread before I pushed send....

you're incharge 'Marc'? then wtf are you doing getting all over my back for? this post wasn't directed at you, but for the pple that are working on this software, so pleas go jump down someone elses back for a change.

'list of must haves' is a common expression. Also, I've gone through the list at the other requests, and you don't ask THEM to say please...

but if it makes you happy....

:-{}:-{}:-{} ill get to the point i am going to use this program to create A LOT of wordpress templates. with this said, I want to present my list of 'must haves' PLEASE take it or leave it.. :-{}:-{}:-{}

since Artiseteer makes a minor presence here i doubt many of these suggestion will be even seen....but it was worth a shot hopefully...

Marc Smith

Posted: 1/28/2009 Quote message   

Hey Leoben, lighten up.

No, I'm not in charge. I'm really a nobody when it comes to anything.. with that being said... I'll get all over your back if I think you deserve it.

The problem is that your list of 'must haves', while they might be good suggestions, was delivered poorly, plain and simple. Since you own the product and would like to see those features added, the lack of them obviously didn't STOP you from purchasing it.

Again, if you look at my posts, and even the one that Dan posted and my response to him.... you'll see some humour there... and if you don't get it, then, again, golly.

Artisteer DOES see most of these posts and takes the suggestions in and add them to their big board of potential new features.... and of course, you can always email your list of 'must haves' directly to Artisteer at

Posted: 2/5/2009 Quote message   

:-O Whats all the commotion about!!!

The testimonials are on the left, this should be a nice place for the development-team to evaluate.

My wishes:
1. More alignment/width options, ass well for the menu, text, and sidebars.
2. Intergration with your mySQL database online so you can edit the layout while the site is online.
3. More options with wordpress like Comments etc.
4. Show the source of the template (for debugging etc.)

Please be polite with me Marc ;-)

Posted: 2/8/2009 Quote message   

Marc while your taking in those 'must haves' heres a list of mine.

Bill Gates' bank account.
The Hilton Penthouse.
Throw that ocean front property in too.

Now my wishlist includes:
Import my own textures, glares, and gradients.
Intergration with some more cms'
Export PSD files

I'm still using the trial but plan on purchasing by the end of the month. Hoping beta 2 has been released by then. :-) It's a wonderful program and diffently takes the leg work (or finger work) out of getting thing started.

**slight twisted humor included

Marc Smith

Posted: 2/9/2009 Quote message   


I'll take the bank account myself!

Of course, suggestions and wish lists are important to any product development...

I did, by the way, sign up for anger management classes. Problem is all I do is get mad at them ;-)

Posted: 2/9/2009 Quote message   

Please hand over that winning lottery ticket :-)

Posted: 2/10/2009 Quote message   

Adding to my wishlist

fluid width

I haven't searched (sorry) but I can't adjust the width beyond 1000px. Which with today's monitors that's sometimes small :-@

Posted: 2/15/2009 Quote message   


try the beta version. sheet width at the bottom / more sheet widths max 1500px

fluid would be good though


Posted: 2/16/2009 Quote message   

Quote Dave:

try the beta version. sheet width at the bottom / more sheet widths max 1500px

Thanks Dave, I just purchsed 1.0 and upgraded to the beta and that's the first thing I did. :-D


Posted: 2/24/2009 Quote message   

:-D Fluid template with joomla PLEASE!!

Posted: 2/4/2010 Quote message   

Quote Malcolm:

:-D Fluid template with joomla PLEASE!!

I second that

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