A few problems need help

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Ed Morgan

Posted: 12/30/2008
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I created a new theme you can see it here

The problem is i am not using sidebars and you offer no way to add in a admin links area so i now can not log into my site.

Widgets will not work.
I use a few other themes with no side bars and they all support widgets in a area at the bottom of the screen so i can add in all the items i want.

Do you have some fix for this? How can i make this work..

Making a sidebar area for the bottom is all that is needed and for it to list each widget in a row.

How can i add in links to my admin so i can log in to my site.??
This makes the use of widgets for this style of theme usless as they will not work.

I will be making a lot of this kind of theme no side bars.

Also i could not find a way to load in a background image to tile in the background.. How can i do this.
I have some sites that will need a tile background and some with full images in the background.

Love how it work .. Please Please Please add a sidebar area to the bottom in the Layer columns in Artisteer that works with widgets... Soon
Marc Smith

Posted: 12/31/2008
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Logging into Wordpress is NOT a funtion of the template or design you create. Your log in page would be


Widgets REQUIRE a sidebar in order to work. That is a limitation of WORDPRESS, not Artisteer.

If you want Widgets in a sidebar that runs across the bottom, you will need to create a theme with a sidebar on the side and then edit the code considerably to get it to happen. It can be done, but it's not part of Artisteer's core capabilities right now. Most templates that are created with widget capabilities (or a sidebar in the footer) are custom made and involve a bit more work than standard themes.

Artisteer also does not allow for custom background images at all, either a single image or one that tiles. I believe Artisteer is working on that functionality for a future release.