Instructions for Beta testing SharePoint support in Artisteer 3.0

1. Download and install Artisteer 3.1 from

2. Download Artisteer for SharePoint add-on and unzip into Artisteer folder:

In case you are working with Artisteer 3.0, please use this download link:

3. Start Artisteer and select SharePoint as the CMS.

4. Create a SharePoint Theme (Master Page).
Important! Go to the Export Options and choose the correct version of SharePoint.

5. Select “Export As Folder” option and export the solution.

6.0 Install your theme into SharePoint
6.1. For SharePoint 2007:
a) In the destination folder locate the *.wsp solution file, for example: C:\Test\Test.wsp.

b) Add the solution into SharePoint by running STSADM utility from the command line, usually found in the following folder:
%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\microsoft shared\web server extensions\12\bin
For example you can navigate to one of the above folders, then run this command:
STSADM.EXE -o addsolution -filename C:\Test\Test.wsp

c) Deploy the solution in the Central Administration > Operations > Solution Management > Solution Properties, or use the STSADM utility again:
STSADM.EXE -o deploysolution -name Test.wsp -immediate -allowGacDeployment

d) As a result you will install the ArtBranding feature, while the required assembly will be installed in the Global Assembly Cache.

e) Activate this feature for the required website, click the Activate button in the Site Settings > Site Collection Features.

f) Go to the Site Settings > Site Master Page Settings, then select the Artisteer.master page.

6.2. For Sharepoint 2010:
a) Go to the Site Settings -> Solutions and upload exported .wsp file.

b) In the dialog box click "Activate".

c) Go to the Site Settings > Site Master Page Settings, then select the <SolutionName>.master page.

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