Some of the New Features in Artisteer 3.1

Content Layout for Articles
Vertical Menus SubItem Opening Options
Two-colored Textures for the Page Background
RTL - Right-to-Left Language Support
Import Design and Content from another Artisteer project
Option to Insert Video into an Article
Support for Page Descriptions, Keywords, and Meta Tags for HTML Websites

Content Layout for Articles

If you are creating a Website or Blog template, you can define how the content of your pages should be organized without using tables.

content layout menu

Put the cursor in the content area of the Page. This should activate the Edit tab on the ribbon bar. Select one of the content layouts from the gallery, or create your own custom layout.


sample: Cake House

This sample template uses the following custom layout:

custom content layout scheme Cake House content layout

Vertical Menus SubItem Opening Options

If you have a Website or Blog project, there are new options for controlling how the Vertical Menu behaves.

vertical menu levels

You can visualize this better if you create at least two pages, with subitems (e.g. child pages under each).One Level means there is only 1 level to the menu; the subitems in the menu are never displayed.

Navigate on Click - When you click on the main item, the menu is expanded and the page is loaded. e.g. clicking on Page 1 expands the menu and loads Page 1 in the browser:

navigate on click

Expand on Click - This is similar to Navigate on Click except the page is not loaded in the browser. e.g. clicking on Page 2 expands the menu but does not load Page 2 in the browser.

expand on click

Also, you can expand or collapse the menu by clicking on the main item.

Expand on Hover - Same as Expand on Click except you only need to move the mouse over the main item to expand the menu. That is, you can switch between menus just by moving the mouse.

Popup on Hover - Same as Expand on Hover except the subitems are displayed as a popup.

popup on hover

All Open - the vertical menu is displayed with all of the submenus expanded.

all open

Two-colored Textures for the Page Background

The textures gallery in Artisteer 3.1 has been expanded and now it is possible to apply additional color effects to the background. Previously, in 3.0, the textures in the gallery for the Page background could not be colorized except by changing the Fill color which only tinted the pattern based on the color you selected. In 3.1, it is possible to colorize the pattern based on one or two colors, e.g. the pattern selected here has a background in one color and the dots (or foreground) in another color. We can either invert the colors, which just switches the color of the lighter areas with the darker, or we can select a color pattern based on two colors, such as a light blue, and a dark blue.

two-colored textures1

Choose one of the Two Color options:

two-colored textures2

and change the Fill color. Notice: the Fill color only applies to the background of the pattern, not the foreground (whereas in 3.0, the whole pattern would be tinted).

two-colored textures3

RTL - Right-to-Left Language Support

Artisteer now has support for languages that are written right-to-left, such as Hebrew and Arabic. Not only is the text displayed and entered right-to-left, but the orientation of the layout elements on the page, such as menus, is also right-to-left.

export options

rtl example

Import Design and Content From Another Artisteer Project

It is always been possible to reuse your designs in another project. You simply create a new project from another Artisteer project just by copying your old project file and renaming it. But, if you do this, your new project will have both the same style template, and content as your old one, which may involve a lot of editing, depending on what you want to reuse. With Artisteer 3.1, if you have a Website or Blog project, you can separately import the design (any template) or the content (from another Website or Blog project) into a new project.

file menu options

Import Design will import the style settings in any Artisteer project. For example, suppose you like the style of the Cake House sample from the gallery of Artisteer templates but you want to add your own content:

import design

Import Content imports the content, not the style settings. Notice: the Content Layout has also been copied:

import content

Option to Insert Video into an Article

If you have a Website or Blog project you can add video to your content by including the HTML that embeds the video in your pages. There are many ways you can do this and there are many sources on the web that will explain how to embed media in your web pages; this is just one example. Go to this page and right click on the flash video:

copy embed html

Select the Copy embed html option from the menu. Create a new Website or Blog project. Delete the sample image on the first page, but leaving the cursor in the same position, select Video under the Edit tab and paste the HTML code you copied from the Artisteer page. At the same time, change the width to 450.

insert video

The page should now look like this:

a page with inserted video

Support for Page Descriptions, Keywords, and Meta Tags for HTML Websites

default page tags