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Installing and Using Drupal Theme Created with Artisteer

Installing Drupal Themes
Utilizing Menus
Customizing the Footer
Drupal Regions
Adding Modules to Header

Installing Drupal Themes

  1. Access your Web server using an FTP client or Web server administration tools.
  2. Create a folder for your specific theme under "<YourSiteFolder>/themes/" folder within Drupal installation.
    For example: <YourSiteFolder>/themes/<MyNewTheme>
  3. Copy or upload theme files exported from Artisteer into the newly created <MyNewTheme> folder.
  4. Log in to your Drupal Administration.
  5. Go to Drupal Administration -> Appearance
  6. Select your newly uploaded theme from the list of available themes for your site.
  7. Click the "Save configuration" button to save your changes.

In Drupal 7 there is an alternative way for installing new Artisteer themes via Drupal Administration -> Appearance -> Install New Theme, as it is shown in Designung Drupal Themes with Artisteer (step 5).

After installing please go to Drupal Administration -> Appearance, enable and set default the theme.

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NOTE: If you'd like to add content to your website, please don't forget to switch "Import Content" before exporting the template from Artisteer.

To import content from Artisteer please follow these steps:
  1. Browse for your specific theme folder in the Drupal installation navigating sites\all\themes.
    For example: <DrupalFolder>\sites\all\themes\<YourThemeName>.
  2. Find the and unzip it to a folder.
  3. Move the unzipped art_content folder to sites\all\modules.
  4. Go to Drupal Administration -> Configuration -> Content Authoring -> Artisteer Content Import.
  5. Enable "Artisteer Content Import" and click the "Import" button.

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NOTE: When installing Artisteer template to Drupal for the first time, please enable the module for import Artisteer content in Drupal:
  1. Go to Drupal Administration -> Modules.
  2. Enable "Artisteer Content" module under the "Other" tab.
  3. The "Artisteer Content Import" option will appear under Configuration -> Content Authoring.

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For more information please visit:

Utilizing Menus

Please use the following steps to utilize menu style designed with Artisteer:
  1. Go to Drupal Administration -> Structure -> Menus (
  2. Edit an existing menu or create a new one.
  3. Check the "Expanded" option for parent menu items if you want to create a drop down horizontal menu (going <MenuName> -> list links -> <menu link> -> edit).

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  5. Go to Drupal Administration -> Structure -> Blocks (
  6. Place menu into the "Menu" region. If you would like to configure a vertical menu, choose "Vertical menu" in the left or right sidebar region.
NOTE: the "Menu" region can contain only a single menu, or none.

For more information please visit

Customizing the Footer

Starting with Artisteer 4 footer is considered to be part of a website content and can be imported along with the other website content.

Alternatively (or if you don't import content from Artisteer) you can customize the theme footer via Drupal Administration placing one or multiple blocks into the "Copyright" region.

Here are sample steps to configure custom footer:
  1. Go to Drupal Administration -> Structure -> Blocks (
  2. Click "Configure" next to the Footer and edit the Block body field.
  3. Click the "Save block" button to save your changes.

Drupal Regions

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Adding Modules to Header

Artisteer 4.0 templates support modules in Header. The style and position of modules can be adjusted with CSS code. Please, follow the steps below:

  1. Add a module to Header by assigning it to the Header region.
  2. Open your template folder and add a similar CSS code to the the style.css file:
     .art-header > .region, .art-header > .block  {
          top: 20px;
          left: 50%;
  3. To position individual blocks, use a debug tool like Mozilla Firebug to find out the block IDs. Then add a CSS code based on the ID:
     #blockID {
          top: 20px;
          left: 50%;

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