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Sticky: WordPress Plug-in Update 5/12/2014  Antonina
Header/Logo Placement & Editing 10/31/2014  John
Theme wordpress store for design website 10/31/2014  ShopTheme
Header Shift 10/30/2014  Doug
Can you make one of the single page site designs with Artisteer? 14  10/30/2014  Spammer
Website Loadtime/Pageshift 10/30/2014  Douglas
How to fix Visual and to not have the text be broken in WP 10/30/2014  Emmanuel
browser tab says new page 10/29/2014  Allan
Premium Artisteer Website Design 10/29/2014  www
Custom Link menu option won't display as submenu option 10/28/2014  Toolie Garner
Add text above comment form 10/27/2014  Philip
Comments entered into are CAPITALIZED 10/27/2014  Jae
Billion issues 10/27/2014  Eileen
Second Horizontal Menu Instruction 10/26/2014  Philip
Widgets on the bottom not using block style 10/26/2014  Kimberly
Image caption informations : how to style them ? 10/25/2014  Scott
WP Secondary Menu 16  10/25/2014  Allan
Header Text Missing on Upload 14  10/24/2014  jason
Adjust the height on menu bar 10/23/2014  menu
<br> in menu item 10/22/2014  RobR
Registering "Theme Options" on Custom Post Type / Taxonomy 10/22/2014  Josicus
Duplicate Meta Content 10/21/2014  Mike
Need to hide menu completely on some pages 10/21/2014  gcm
ot: contacting templateer 27  10/21/2014  delphine
Please clarify 10/20/2014  calsnoboarder
read more tag broken since wordpress 4.0 10/20/2014  Tracy
how to change URL name 10/20/2014  calsnoboarder
Ugly Hamburger Navigation 18  10/20/2014  jrgweb
Woocommerce and Artisteer 20  10/17/2014  Philip
Make Headline or slogan clickable telephone number 10/17/2014  Eileen
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