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Sticky: WordPress Plug-in Update 5/12/2014  Antonina
Big Gap Between Menu & Body 7/30/2014  techtom
Sidebar links do not work 7/30/2014  techtom
Static Homepage + Posts 7/30/2014  techtom
ot: contacting templateer 7/29/2014  Antonina
JetPack Sharing Icons Don't Show 7/29/2014  dave
How to adjust spacing between heading and article 7/29/2014  Thepipe
Wrorkin on Search form (header) 7/29/2014  techtom
Removing RSS Feed 14  7/28/2014  Thepipe
Image Plugin... 7/28/2014  techtom
Remove Sidebar from Home Page 4.3 7/28/2014  techtom
No margins on pages in Wordperss theme 7/28/2014  itan
Paging on home page where there shouldn't be any? 18  7/27/2014  vweb
Use Google swiffy file for header image 7/27/2014  Scott
Ugly Hamburger Navigation 7/25/2014  Cool
Responsive and sidebars (can I show the content first ?) 34  7/24/2014  Lunarion
Remove Edit button/bar in content or sheet 7/24/2014  Annette
Using WPs Page Header Image 7/24/2014  RobR
The sticky, shrinking, slide-out menu/header effect. 23  7/24/2014  sisonpi
Social Icons Header in IE9 10  7/24/2014  techtom
Search - added from Artisteer; Controls...... 7/24/2014  Machiel
Responsive template not working properly 7/23/2014  Jason
No post header icons 7/23/2014  techtom
Grow with us education theme 7/22/2014  Dave
How to have a default Post Header Image 7/22/2014  techtom
Help me! Header not showed (firefox) 7/22/2014  Andrea
Issues when Exporting to WordPress 38  7/22/2014  Antonina
is it possible to make this kind of layout with Artisteer 7/21/2014  Cool
Creating a simple e-mail sign-up form in Artisteer... 16  7/21/2014  Dave
Artisteer Conflict with WP Online Store 7/21/2014  Russ Marsh
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