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Sticky: WordPress Plug-in Update 4/1/2015  Tanya
Need to hide menu completely on some pages 4/27/2017  james baldiga
Delay in responsive display 11  4/20/2017  Steven
Farming produce WordPress theme 4/20/2017  Frank
Blog 4/20/2017  Josh
Artisteer theme not working with Polylang plugin. 4/18/2017  Romain
Placing menus, functions, search on the right menu bar 3/20/2017  Kirstin
Problem with adding comments 3/8/2017  Arek
Where has "Theme Options" gone? 3/7/2017  Monoloid
Responsive Theme Artisteer 2/11/2017  Amanda99
Why the template is not shown right 2/11/2017  Evan
Compatiblity with Wordpress 4.7, i think no 2/9/2017  andrew
Jumping Header 13  1/29/2017  ScottN
fixed background in responsive view 1/18/2017  Nicky
Header "blinks" with every page transition 1/17/2017  Davy Right Click
How can I remove the space between the header & the browser's navigation bar? 10  1/17/2017  Razen Kellesly
What Do I Need to Know Before Launching My Online Store? 1/16/2017  OliverSmilingGuy
HOW TO ADD A FULL WIDTH SLIDER between header and the sidebar/content 1/14/2017  sky walker
Import wordpress theme 1/11/2017  BTC
Removing "Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * " 36  1/8/2017  jajang
Responsive Magento Theme for Jewelry 1/5/2017  Ryna Lagger
how to disable the responsive menu? 1/5/2017  eakky
Nav menu shifting 19  1/3/2017  Anna-Lena
Article Gradient 12/20/2016  Jason
email adress on name 12/14/2016  junk
management Menu 12/13/2016  Andrea
Nav border CSS now broken in Chrome 12/12/2016  Gary
Not able to import content 21  12/10/2016  Serge
How to call https images in slideshow (currently calls http) 12/8/2016  Ian
[SPANISH]How to make 2 horizontal menus for word press 12/5/2016  Jorge
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