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Sticky: WordPress Plug-in Update 4/1/2015  Tanya
Urgent help please 4/17/2015  KelvinSmith
Background problem in responsive layout (portrait) 4/17/2015  neverone
Logo in responsive menu 4/17/2015  speedyp
"Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content" 12  4/15/2015  Sonia
Header like this one 4/15/2015  Casey
Artisteer and WP Essycart 4/14/2015  Gary W
Google Mobile Friendly Checker fails in Artisteer 4/14/2015  Sonia
Java Script and Header 4/14/2015  Sonia
Can Artisteer do this? 18  4/14/2015  2-Cents
Text floating over images when resizing IE & FF browsers 4/13/2015  shamush9
Can't magnify the screen in published tablet mode 4/13/2015  Elaine
Final version of Templateer 15  4/13/2015  Yo
How to fix the margin between header and posts titles? 4/13/2015  Claudya Guer
Should I Update Artisteer To 4.3? 4/12/2015  ScottN
Formatting Furstration 4/10/2015  exactly
does not work <!--more--> tang in page 4/9/2015  M
Artisteer vs Themler. Will Artisteer Be Discontinued? 4/7/2015  Adam
How long to create Joomla or WordPress template theme in Artisteer? 4/7/2015  www
WP One page site and blog 4/7/2015  Hegel
Existing content is lost after installing the theme 4/7/2015  John J
Header icon spacing in responsive 4/7/2015  John J
Duplicate a page in wordpress with design & content 4/6/2015  Alastair
Adding WooCommerce Support 4/4/2015  claudyaguerr
Divs does not work in wp when adding a new page 15  4/3/2015  Zeshan Bilal
Click to open/reveal widget 4/3/2015  Eileen
Text Formatting In Header Doesn't Work 4/1/2015  Tanya
Error Exporting to Templateer 3/31/2015  2-Cents
How to decrease spacing between images in sidebar? 3/30/2015  ScottN
Single Page Vertical Scrolling Theme - How To... 11  3/30/2015  speedyp
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