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Sticky: WordPress Plug-in Update 5/12/2014  Antonina
where do i change "Continue reading →" 10  8/20/2014  Thatgirl
Video in Header 8/19/2014  dave
Artisteer 3 - samples and online samples 8/19/2014  francisco
Customizing the "Read more" excerpt text... 8/19/2014  gcm
Responsive works but header image not... please help 39  8/19/2014  Jae
Removing Alt Text From Navigation Menus in Artisteer 4.2 8/19/2014  Jae
put image inside shape (in header) 8/19/2014  dave
3 Columns in Artisteer 8/19/2014  Tanya
Changing Bullet Point Colour Class 8/19/2014  Tanya
How to make webpage off center 8/19/2014  Efforts Unlimited
Images look a bit fuzzy on site 8/18/2014  Joel Rea
Disable widget in mobile view 8/18/2014  Tina
change logo from admin panel 8/18/2014  Jorge
Horizontal Menu smaller than Page with 8/17/2014  Jürgen
Artisteer 4.3 Beta + WordPress 4.0 Beta 8/17/2014  Judy
Header image scaling down to fit the browser page? 8/15/2014  RichardD
404 Page Not Found when Editing style.css 8/15/2014  techtom
Header image disappear in responsive mood 8/14/2014  Damy
How to optimize Wordpress template to reduce CPU and Memory usage of server? 8/14/2014  Umarizal
Sheet in photo frame? 8/14/2014  Lani
Custom Blog page 8/14/2014  Elvira
Post Layout - Change From 2 Column to 1 8/14/2014  Elvira
ot: contacting templateer 17  8/13/2014  su
about tuxedo 8/13/2014  su
mb.YTPlayer / Background video 8/13/2014  No Reply
posts on static page 8/13/2014  Arthasz
Front Page whith 6 post instead of 2 8/13/2014  Arthasz
Image Straddle Sheet & Background 8/12/2014  techtom
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