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Sticky: WordPress Plug-in Update 4/6/2014  louis
Display slider only on startpage?! 4/23/2014  JB
Show ALL COMMENTS Button in Pager 4/23/2014  Rudi
Comment Numbering 4/23/2014  Rudi
Dynamic Post Date Icon 12  4/23/2014  Lynn
Position social media buttons 4/23/2014  Tanya
Different menu for mobile browsers 4/23/2014  Tanya
Issues when Exporting to WordPress 36  4/23/2014  Mark Mathew
Missing 3rd column on blog/home page. 4/23/2014  pj
Calendar icons 4/22/2014  Lynn
Vertical & Hotizonzal menue issue 4/22/2014  Leo
the template inserts the word "Post" to top of page 4/22/2014  servidj
Missing Categories 4/22/2014  Lynn
ARTISTEER 4 customized page layout and wordpress Theme export 4/22/2014  Monica
Multiple templates in a theme 4/21/2014  Azari
Edit page next ? (1 2 3 29 NEXT) 4/21/2014  Giack86
The sticky, shrinking, slide-out menu/header effect. 16  4/21/2014  jrgweb
Title Tag showing BEFORE href? 4/20/2014  Christy
Can this be done in Artisteer 4/20/2014  anthony
logo in the center of the navigation 4/19/2014  lenny
The year in the footer no longer updates on Jan 1st. 4/19/2014  calsnoboarder
Page titles wrong in wordpress overview as "new page" 4/19/2014  phil lauer
Single Page Vertical Scrolling Theme - How To... 4/18/2014  illwillsites
Wordpress 3.9 4/18/2014  ddye
Pixel resolution, what to work on? 4/18/2014  Elvira
removing You may use these HTML tags and attributes on comments 13  4/17/2014  Lingesh
<br> in menu item 4/17/2014  Jeanine
404 Page Not Found when Editing style.css 4/17/2014  Ben
Subject (title) problem for blog theme 4/17/2014  Giack86
favicon.ico 4/16/2014  Tom Savino
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