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Frequently Asked Questions

What's behind the name "Artisteer"?

We wanted to convey our product's ability to help you enhance and utilize your artistic intuition. At the same time the term "art I steer" can be paraphrased as "I direct art" and depicts directing an artistic project.

How do I edit text and create pages?

Starting with the version 4.0 Artisteer provides an ability to create pages and edit content. The detailed information about using Content and Edit Tabs and utilizing Pages/Posts Panel are present in Artisteer User Manual.
The Templates can be exported to CMS with content now. The instructions about adding Artisteer content to different CMSs are present on our Wiki page.

How can I remove "trial" watermarks?

Watermarks are no longer being created after purchasing product licence. However, removing watermarks from web designs created with the free trial version is not possible, as the product trial version does not allow saving projects.

Can I resell or redistribute exported Wordpress™, Joomla!™, Drupal™ and Web Templates?

Yes, as long as you do not include Artisteer photo objects within you template (like the image objects from Header tab -> Image), as those photos are licensed from a 3rd party only for your own use or in your consulting work. You may re-distribute any other designs you create, including those with Artisteer header background photos (Header -> Background), glares, page backgrounds and other provided graphics, and your own photo objects. NOTE: The above restriction applies only to templates created for distribution. There are no restrictions on creating individual web designs and templates for yourself and your clients.

What CMSs can Artisteer create Templates for?

Now you can design templates for Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Blogger, DotNetNuke, CodeCharge Studio, MS Visual Studio, Moodle and Weebly CMS. The CMSs versions supported by the current Artisteer version are listed here.

Do you offer Beta versions of upcoming Artisteer releases?

We did offer Artisteer Beta versions in the past and may offer new Beta versions again in the future. Please subscribe to our announcements if you like to be notified about product news, updates and Beta releases.

What is your upgrade policy?

Free product updates and upgrades for 1 year.
Unlike many commercial software products that offer major upgrades every 2-3 years, our goal is to update Artisteer on ongoing basis (2-3 times a year) including minor fixes and any major new features we may finalize.

We will be providing free product updates and upgrades for 1 year within the product level you purchase (Home or Standard, while in the future we may also offer a Professional version). After your free 1 year upgrade period expires you will be able to continue using Artisteer without further updates, or you may purchase another year of updates at any time.  The upgrade pricing is currently projected at 50% of the product price or less. For example, if you purchase the Artisteer Standard Edition for $129.95, couple years later you may want to consider upgrading it to the latest features for an additional $65 or less.
Existing Artisteer users can obtain product updates and review their upgrades status here.

Upgrades between version levels (Home to Standard) can be currently purchased at the price difference, however, this type of upgrade pricing is subject to change.

Can I use a single license on more than one computer?

A single Artisteer license can be used only on a single desktop computer (PC) OR a single laptop computer. An additional installation is allowed on a laptop for use during travel, and cannot be used at a separate permanent location or by a different person than the registered desktop user. Installation on two desktops or two laptops, or use by multiple persons requires the purchase of additional licences, one per person and location.

Artisteer is still too expensive for me to design my Website. Do you offer "per template" pricing?

The Artisteer's value is in using it for creating multiple Websites and Web templates, in a similar way as a word processing application is used for creating multiple documents. If you need just a single Website template we suggest contacting any Artisteer user who can do this for you, or finding Website templates on the Internet. Keep in mind that Artisteer cost is similar to just 1 or 2 Web templates, and is much lower than other Web design tools like Adobe Dreamweaver and MS Expression Web.

How many web templates are included in Artisteer?

Artisteer includes many examples that you can open from the startup screen (File -> New -> New Project -> Templates). However when you click the "Suggest Design" button, Artisteer automatically creates original templates from random elements and options. In theory you can create an unlimited number of unique templates just by clicking the "Suggest Design" button as many times as you like. Each time you will receive a different and unique template that no one else has seen or created. You can then adjust variety of elements and properties to refine such random template to meet your specific needs.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes we do! Please click the "Affiliates" link in the website menu on the left.

Do you offer Artisteer for the Mac OS or Linux?

We are currently offering a Beta version of Artisteer 3.1 for Mac OS 10.5.
A Linux version is also being researched though we cannot promise such version at this time.

What are your Artisteer logo and trademark use guidelines?

Please click here to download Permissions and Guidelines (PDF) pertaining to the use of the Artisteer Trademark and Logo.