Activation issues
Crash issues
Creating a log file on Windows
Creating a log file on Mac

Activation issues

If you are working offline or having any troubles with product activation, please do the following:

  1. Contact our product support.
  2. Once you submit your support request you will be provided with the file within 24 hours.

  3. Unzip the archive and run ArtisteerHKReader.exe on the computer where you want to activate Artisteer.
  4. Copy&paste the result into your support ticket. We will send you a zip file generated specially for you.
  5. Rename it to and put it into the appropriate folder without unzippping.
  6. For Windows 7 and 8


    For Windows XP


  7. Make sure that your license key exists in the registry. If it's not there, please do the following:
  8. Restart the program. Now Artisteer should be activated.

Crash issues

Whenever you experience a crash please click the "Yes" button to notify us about the problem. This way you will send us full error files that contain details that we can analyze.

Please don't expect a response to your crash reports. We do appreciate all reports submitted to us and use them for analyzing various issues and improving the product for future release. But we do not respond to the error emails.

If you need a response or help with any specific crash, you are always encouraged to submit a support request. In that case please follow the steps below:

Creating a log file on Windows

Please follow the directions below and create an additional log file to help us analyze the issue.

  1. Download one of the following files:
  2. Close Artisteer, unzip the archive and execute the .reg file to enable logging. On this step you will get the following key:
    set to "true" in the registry.

    In case the EnableLogging key is not created, you can create it manually by running "regedit" program in Windows (Start > Run > regedit). Add the EnableLogging key manually and set its value to true as shown on the screenshots below:
  3. Run Artisteer again and reproduce the problem.
  4. Find an "Artisteer.log" file that will be created in your Windows temporary folder (can be accessed by typing %temp% in Start > Run).
  5. Zip/compress the log file and attach it to your support ticket.

Creating a log file on Mac

  1. Open Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
  2. Type this line: /Applications/ --log
  3. Reproduce the problem.
  4. Select all text in the Terminal window, zip/compress it and attach to your support ticket.